Photography by Stephen Harris courses and seminars include:

         photography by stephen harris; field composition classes

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Basic DSLR - In this class, we will get you comfortable with your camera, learning the basics that you need to start taking beautiful pictures. Digital cameras are practically computers; there is a lot going on inside. Yet you my can take great pictures with just basic knowledge. This is a three part class. Classroom Instruction, Field Work and then a class image review, where we will also learn basic photo editing).

Intermediate DSLR - We truly dig deeper and learn how to give you creative control with aperture settings, shutter speeds, motion, depth-of-field and an understanding of/appreciation for composition. This class is taught in both a three evening or one full day format. The class is a mix of both classroom and field work.

Field Composition - In these classes (more like trips), we will spend a 3-4 hours exploring interesting locations while getting more advanced hands on instruction. We will visit Hoboken NJ or Bushkill Falls Pa. or explore one of the many sections of NYC. We will even take day (and eventually longer) excursions - including a Day in Washington DC. Exciting adventures and in-depth instruction - a great way to take your photography game to a higher level!

The course schedule will be posted soon.. Please contact Photography by Stephen Harris today to learn more.